improviSta - A Cloud Based Compliance Platform

Is asking searching questions a core part of your business?

..and do you want to make it more efficient without a significant investment?

What is YOUR use case?

The improviSta Platform takes any unstructured or Excel Questionnaire and turns it into a collaboration platform – ideal for numerous compliance or assessment processes.

  • Code of conduct​
  • ISO certification​
  • Volume assessments and inspections​
  • Gap Analysis​
  • Risk matrix​
  • Marketplace
  • Supplier exchange​
  • Product purchase – (that is question dependent)​
  • Simplified GDPR for Clubs

Work Smarter

The intelligent way to manage audits, assessments or question based collaboration

  • A cost effective end-to-end management of a collaboration process
  • Bespoke solution from our toolbox that matches your process
  • Agile - so keeps up with changes in your business
  • NO user costs just pay for what you use
  • Collaborate in a way that works for you

Simplify Admin

Reduce the pain of all aspects of administrating a volume of assessments – never miss significant dates.

  • Use a dashboard that gives instant access to all important processes
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Generate reports
  • Merge documents
  • Automate emails

Help all users to know their tasks

Guide all users to do what is required by them through dashboards that focus their energies

  • Proven, intuitive interface steps users through questions
  • Answers branch past unnecessary questions​
  • Custom guidance on each page ​
  • Action lists created automatically from suggestions or rectifications

Microsoft Azure

The Trusted Cloud

  • Security and privacy are embedded into every component
  • You own and control your data
  • Your data is transparently stored and accessed
  • Industry-verified conformity with global standards ​


Affordable by design​. The ImproviSta platform has been developed to keep costs down and provide rapid deployment. Options include:

  • Quickly get going at a low cost per audit.
  • Bespoke development for a unique repetitive task or process.
  • Priced to be cost effective at ANY volume, NO per user costs. ​
  • The platform can also collect payments to be self funding or to be passed on in full.